Tom Brady and Denver Broncos fans...I know I's not really a good combination. However, no matter how you feel about him, last night's moment at the Superdome was pretty special and heartwarming.

Moments after Brady's Tampa Bay Buccaneers knocked Drew Brees and the New Orleans Saints out of the playoffs with a 30-20 win. The two future Hall of Fame quarterbacks were conversing on the Superdome turf (perhaps talking about how that was Drew Brees' last game although that is COMPLETE speculation on my part) but the the Saints quarterback HAS been flirting with retirement for the past couple of years and already has a deal in place to work with NBC Sports.

Brees was joined on the field by his wife and kids and for a brief moment, Brady stepped away from his conversation with Brees and tossed a touchdown pass to one of Drew's sons. It was a simple moment and gesture but one that no matter how you feel about Tom Brady (and personally, I've always been a big fan) is a pretty cool moment and even with the great Drew Brees as his Dad, will be a moment that young man will always remember.

Good stuff right here...the throw AND catch, on point.

It really IS more than just football.

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