Every Friday I become a country music singing chicken with "Guess What the Chicken is Singing"! I cluck a tune and the K99 listeners try guess what I am clucking! The first person correctly guess the song wins the "Every Day Special" from Jim's Wings in Fort Collins! How did this wacky tradition begin?It all started very innocently about a decade ago!  Brian and I were sitting in the K99 studio listening to one of songs we were playing on the radio. One of us started clucking along with the song, then the other joined in!  We were two grown men clucking in two-part harmony! We wondered if anyone else would get it, so we decided to cluck a song on the air! We did and someone called in right away to identify the song.  Jim from Jim's Wings happened to be listening that day! He called us and said, "I want to sponsor that!"...And the rest is history!

We called it "Guess What the Chicken is Singing" and we have been doing it every Friday ever since.  Brian and I have both clucked our little hearts out over the past decade, but over the past few years I have embraced my inner chicken and have become the chief clucker.

I love that Jim's Wings has stuck with us the entire time! I love Jim's Wings wings! Jim's has perfect food for the Superbowl! The most delicious wings in the country!  His sauces are magical! Jim's has wings from mild to "Ram Hot".  My wife's favorite is the teriyaki! I am a mild guy myself!  If you are ordering wings for the big game do it today or tomorrow!  There will be a waiting list on Sunday!

Jim's Wings is on West Elizabeth in Fort Collins in the Campus West Shopping Center. Call:  (970) 493-1103 to order your wings!

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