There were 10 nominees for "Best Picture" this year at the Oscars.  I saw 4 of those movies:  "Toy Story 3", "Inception", "The Kids Are Alright", and "The Social Network".  I saw "The Social Network" most recently and liked it, but what a bunch of jerks!I would call it a "cinematic jerkfest!"  The founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg was portrayed as a jerk.  The twins he stole the idea from, jerks!  The Napster guy, who was played by Justin Timberlake; a royal jerk! Usually when characters in a movie are unlikeable, the movie isn't very good. It is hard to relate to the characters! However, in this case, I was entertained by the movie, despite the jerk factor.  It was very interesting to see how Facebook was invented.  The main character, was brilliantly played by Jesse Eisenberg. His eccentric quirkiness and brilliance almost made me forget that he was a jerk and I almost felt sorry for him.  Jerks aside: I would recommend renting this movie!

The Social Network

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