Don't mind me, I'm just a "childless millennial" who loves Disney World.

I'm a Disney kid. Neither age nor having kids of my own will ever change that. I grew up watching VHS tapes of all of the Disney classics. Lion King, Aladdin, and the Sword in the Stone were some of my favorites. And believe me when I say, I am loving these live -action remakes. I also dream of going to Disney World with my husband sans children.

This apparently upsets some people.

Recently a mom's Facebook rant went viral as she fumed over "childless millennials" basically ruining Disney World. We are unwelcome at the Happiest Place on Earth in this woman's eyes, although it doesn't seem like she was going to be happy regardless. From what I can tell, her profanity-laced rant was sparked after waiting in long line to get a pretzel for her child.

Now, I know kids don't get the concept of waiting in a line and patience is not their strength so I can totally sympathize here. I also know that chasing around kids on a hot day, doing your best best to make them happy and give them memories to last a lifetime can be exhausting. This woman was probably swept up in her emotion and didn't mean many of the things she said.

But everyone paid the same price of admission.

A writer for the New York Post picked upon this rant and saw it as an opportunity to condemn those of us who want to go to Disney without kids. He says we should be spending money on trips around the world instead of converging on a children's amusement park. (By the way, if you Google Disney World, the word "children" isn't used in the description. It's an "entertainment complex.") Furthermore he suggests that letting a childhood brand dictate our life stunts our growth.

So leave your binky at home, but don't cancel your trip.

Nostalgia is a beautiful and powerful motivator. Reconnecting with who I was in the past, even as a kid, propels me forward. Going on a date with your partner to a place that stirs up childhood memories can actually lead you into conversations that will allow you to get to know that person better. Doing things that make you happy and give you respite from the stresses of the world can do wonders for your mental health. Remembering what it was like to let your wildest dreams run wild can be inspiring and encourage you to chase your dreams.

It truly is the Happiest Place on Earth... for anyone.

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