Wait until you hear these household job titles...

Kids begging for things is just a way of life, isn't it? They don't quite understand the concept of work just yet, plus mom and dad seem to be this never-ending supply of items they way. Now, I'm not a parent, but I can imagine there is an internal struggle between providing for your kids and teaching them the value of earning what you want.

This mom may have found the answer.

Shaketha Mario McGregor is a mother in Georgia with kids who want what all kids want... money and phones. After constant begging and pleading, Shaketha decided to teach her kids an important lesson about being an adult. She told them she would have a surprise for them one day when they got home from school and boy, did she ever!

According to her Facebook post, which has been shared nearly 200,000 times, Shaketha hosted a job fair for her kids. If they were going to have money or get phones, they were going to work for them and be compensated like in the real world. Her list of jobs that were available were kitchen manager, lead housekeeper, and laundry supervisor.

And she followed through with it!

Not only did her kids have to fill out applications for the job they wanted, but they also had to endure an interview with the boss, a.k.a. mom. Shaketha said one of her kids developed an English accent halfway through her interview like it would help her secure the position. After considering each of her applicants, she began doling out the jobs to her kids.

This makes me so excited to have kids one day!

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