I have have a new mission: To find all the best that Fort Collins has to offer. In the past I have found the "Best Italian Restaurant", "Best Burger", and "Best Playground".  My current assignment is to find the "Best Chocolate Chip Cookie" in Fort Collins.  It's a rough gig, but someone has to do it. That is why I have enlisted the assistance of our video guru Madi to help me accomplish that task.

The Results

Mary's Mountain Cookies 2842 Council Tree Ave Suite 167 (Front Range Village) Fort Collins
Todd Harding, TSM

Todd's Top Five

5. Eileen's Colossal Cookies - 2614 South Timberline Road
4. Old Chicago's - 4709 South Timberline Road
3. Mary's Mountain Cookies -  2842 Council Tree Avenue, Suite 167
2. D.P. Dough - 634 South College
1. Albertson's  - 3660 South Mason

D.P.Dough 634 South College Fort Collins
Todd Harding, TSM

Madi's Top Five

5. Eileen's Colossal Cookies - 2614 South Timberline Road
4. Albertson's  - 3660 South Mason
3. Old Chicago's - 4709 South Timberline Road
2. Mary's Mountain Cookies -  2842 Council Tree Avenue, Suite 167
1. D.P. Dough - 634 South College

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