I have many annoying habits. I chew my fingernails when I am nervous. I play video games way too much and my wife may tell you that is my most annoying habit. I don't smile much. That annoys some people. However, the most annoying habit I have is humming.


Yes humming! I hum songs all the time. Many of them are religious songs that I learned when I was very young. Most of them are Christmas carols. I don't sing the carols. I hum them, over and over and over and over. Even I have to admit, it is annoying.

I know I do it, but I can't seem to stop it. I have made a conscious effort to do so. I have been unsuccessful. Leave me alone in a room too long and I will start humming. I guarantee it. I seem to to it even more when I am playing video games on my iPhone or iPad. I also do it when I sit down on the toilet I guess I am just a freak.

This YouTube video show me humming while I am playing a video game on my iPad. If you know the song, you get extra credit.

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