Cats have nine lives, right? Well, I'm pretty sure this frisky feline used up at least six or seven of those lives in this intense battle on a porch that was caught on video.

While being outsized nearly 2 to 1, the cat put up its dukes and started swatting at the coyote, who almost got in the kill shot several times but couldn't quite get it done.

The quick cat juked and jived, swatted and hissed its way out of harm's way in this intense battle of wills:

YouTube/Fox Televisions Stations Group


As you can see, the cat's climbing skills ended up being decisive in the victory and what an impressive display it was.

Coyotes are not known to attack humans but can be a menace to pets and farm animals, so it's always important to be aware of that, especially during the nighttime hours when coyotes typically like to hunt.

Also, heads up while driving, too, because I came within a cat's whisker of striking one that was darting across County Rd 74 in Severance a few nights ago.

Coyotes are prevalent all over Colorado, and our friends at Colorado Parks and Wildlife have put together a safety list on living with coyotes so you can stay safe and keep your animals safe.


Sorry but I can't ever talk about coyotes without thinking of one of the most famous, if not the most renowned coyote of them all:

YouTube/ Nerd TV

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