I have felt for years that a lot of our problems would be solved if families still gathered at the diner table every night and broke bread. There is nothing like the bond and love of a family and we need to spend more time together as families, no matter how hectic life's pace may be. Families need each other and need to communicate and know what is going on in each other's lives.

Today is Family Day. I would love if we all decided today that we would create at least one night a week that is family night. You could play a board game, watch a movie, go on a walk or bike ride, anything that you can do together. We give so much of ourselves to people who don't matter and don't deserve our time yet we don't give the same amount of time and effort into the family that you love. Let's change that starting today with Family Day. I have never loved and appreciated mine as much as I do today. Get together with your blood and make a plan to do it more often.

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