Today is Create a Great Funeral Day. I say we change this up a bit and create an event to celebrate the life of someone you love while they are still around. You often hear people ask "how do you want to be remembered?". My answer to that is that I just want to be remembered...period. My goal has been to do enough in this life that people will remember me and that I can positively touch as many people lives as I can. I want people to smile when they think of my name. I sure hope I have achieved that but I will not quit working on it.

Why do we wait until someone is gone to say the things they would have loved to hear while they are alive though? You see it all the time at funerals. There will be a huge gathering of people who cared about the person who just left us and we will sit around and talk about how great that person was and how much they meant to us. We will then talk about how we wished we would have taken the time to reach out to that person and told them one more time how we felt. Let's not wait anymore. Let's not wait until someone is being put into the ground to say how great they are. If there is someone who has meant something to you, make sure they know it today. If someone pops into your mind and you think "I should really call that person", do it now. We are only guaranteed this moment right now so use it.

There are so many people who leave this earth not knowing how much they meant to people so let's let them know while they are alive. It might make their life so much better. It feels so good to hear people say good things about you or tell you that they care. Do it now. Do not wait for another funeral to tell all the world how much you loved someone when the person who really would have loved to hear it is gone. Let's celebrate life and those who matter in yours every day. Make sure the people you love know it every single chance you get. Take the time to connect while you can. Today may be Create a Great Funeral Day but I'd like to make a Create a Living Tribute Day as well. Don't keep the good stuff in...let the love out.

By the way, I think you are wonderful and I thank you for being in my life. Hope to hug you soon.

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