I remember the day my sister told me she had planned her suicide. She told me what day she would've done it and I remember the numbness in her tone... Like that permanent decision was a second thought and had already been decided.

I remember the panic in my stomach and sadness that overwhelmed my soul. How could someone I love so dearly think the world... that I, didn't need them?

That day came and went and she didn't leave this world, and I cannot express to her how happy I am that she decided to stay.

We've talked about her depression, about how she realized that it was a shadow that would follow her forever, but she stayed. Something in her realize this was, and still is, important.

Depression isn't just the "I'm sad" season in someone's life, often times it is the silent emptiness that consumes all of your energy and the lack of life pushes you to think that the only way out of that depression is to end the pain all together.

I know that sometimes the bad days feel darker and the good days don't always feel bright, and I wish I could protect you from the pain and take it all away.

But let me tell you this... You are LOVED, you are SEEN, and your pain is real and acknowledged. You are not alone, and you may change someone else's life just by being here.

And suicide is not the answer. It never will be.

This world is infinitely better with you in it, please stay.

Sometimes people who are close to you are hard to talk to and talking to someone not involved is easier. There is no shame is asking for help or telling someone that you're struggling.

You can always call 1-800-273-TALK (8255).

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