It has me a little concerned. There have been a number of arrests at local high schools lately. One student was arrested at Waverly School north of Fort Collins on May 13th after breaking things and "being disorderly." Right around the same time, a student at Weld Central High School in Keenesburg was arrested for allegedly making a plan of school violence. Now two more students have been arrested at that same school for "threatening to continue the plan of school violence.

According to the Weld County Sheriff's Office, a deputy stationed at Weld Central learned of possible juvenile suspects who were threatening to continue a plan of school violence that had been discovered earlier in the week. Those two suspects were taken into custody and booked into the Platte Valley Youth Detention facility for charges of Interference with Staff, Faculty, or Students of an Educational Institution.

The two students that were most recently arrested were not part of the initial plan that was discovered earlier in the week although all the juvenile suspects are associated as being members of a group they identify as a “gang”. The two suspects arrested over night are believed to have been trying to pick up where their three friends had left off when they were arrested earlier in the week.

The identities of the suspects have not been revealed because of their ages.

[Weld County Sheriff's Office]

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