A threatening note led to the seclusion of an inbound Delta Air Lines flight arriving from Detroit at Denver International Airport.

The 151 passengers on board Flight 1500, which landed at DIA at about 4:40 p.m. Friday, April 18, are being screened by the FBI. The flight was ordered to land in a remote corner of DIA.

Authorities, including a K-9 unit, searched the plane, but no bomb was found.

The Denver Channel reported that a flight attendant found a note in the galley in the back of the plane that contained a statement that a bomb was on board.

According to The Denver Channel, radio traffic recordings contain the pilot telling air traffic control about the note.

"Flight 1500 now declaring an emergency at this time. We have a written threat aboard the aircraft," the pilot radioed. "Our flight attendant found a note indicating there was a bomb onboard towards the rear of the aircraft."

Passenger Tone Sevy became a source of information for news outlets, as he used his Twitter account to continually post updates of the situation.

According to the Denver Post, a passenger notified them via Twitter and told them, "that the passengers were being taken from the area by bus. They were not allowed to open overhead compartments and retrieve any bags."

Following a two-hour delay, the passengers and four crew members were allowed to return to the plane to obtain their belongings. However, as of 8 p.m., passengers, including Sevy, were still venting on Twitter about being held up. According to that post, the passengers made it back to the plane, but were waiting on the FBI investigation to conclude. About 15 minutes later, he tweeted that two passengers from the plane were taken into questioning.

However, by 9 p.m., DIA announced that all passengers had been cleared and were allowed to pick up their baggage and leave the airport.


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