Denver International Airport is the largest airport in the country and the third largest in the world. To ensure travelers are happy, the airport must constantly update and innovate.

Have you ever been to an airport that feels stuck in 1995? That is the opposite of what any major airport wants and I would imagine that keeping an airport updated is extremely difficult.

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Denver International Airport is 53 square miles, which is the size of San Francisco. Hopefully, that puts things in perspective.

My Biggest Issue With Denver International Airport is a First World Problem

Denver International Airport
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I love Denver International Airport and I believe it is one of the easiest airports to navigate. I was flying out for my brother's wedding a few months ago and I had a few things for work I needed to handle.

I noticed my laptop had a low battery, so I pulled my charger out. I looked around my chair at my gate and there wasn't a charger at my chair.

Before I continue, yes, this is very much a first-world problem.

Only four of the seats at my gate had outlets for chargers and they were all taken by kids on their iPads. I looked for 15 minutes to find an open outlet to charge my laptop, but my laptop had already died.

More Chargers Are Coming

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Denver International Airport is starting to solve this issue that many of us are having at their gates. They are finally adding more of what they call power-charged seating at a few gates.

Gates A32, C42, and A50 are already equipped with the new charging stations, and they say that more are on the way. It would be awesome if every seat at every gate had a seat with an outlet.

Thank you, Denver International Airport, for making our lives a little easier. I have stupidly forgotten to charge my devices before heading to the airport way too many times.

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