Police are warning drivers to slow down, as they're catching speeders driving dangerously fast while traffic is lighter than usual during the pandemic.

The Thornton Police Department tweeted out a photo of a radar gun showing a driver traveling at 130 M.P.H in a 55 M.P.H. zone on I-25. Included in the tweet are the hashtags "#unaccepable, #UseYourBrain and #Slowdown."

While Colorado has been under the "stay-at-home order," some residents are going out and driving incredibly fast. Thanks to the order, traffic is very light on Colorado highways and roads, which authorities believe are encouraging this behavior. Law enforcement agencies are warning people daily on social media accounts to "slow down."

Sgt. Blake White said this to the Colorado Sun:

Drivers are absolutely driving in a more reckless manner right now. There seems to be a perception that the rules do not apply during this time simply because of the stay-at-home order. Speeding in this manner is incredibly selfish and puts everyone on the road at risk. There are no autobahns in Colorado, but some drivers right now seem to think there are.

I think 'slow down' is a good motto for life. If I've learned anything from this pandemic, it's that life is precious and we should ALL slow down and savor life more.

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