Last week, we began our running contest looking for the cutest pet in Northern Colorado, brought to you by Hank's Pet Food Market.  Each week, we'll pull a winner from our batch of entries and the winner will receive a large bag of AvoDerm Natural Premium dog or cat food.

This week's winner had an adorable story that tugged on our heartstrings-- the little pup is a deaf rescue corgi!

Courtesy of Christa Novelli
Courtesy of Christa Novelli

More specifically, Cannoli is a deaf resue corgi/cattle dog mix who is known for his athletic prowess!  Here is what owner Christa Novelli had to say about her bff:

Cannoli is a deaf rescue corgi / cattle dog mix who will give me kisses when I sign "kiss" at him. He rams me in the face with his big black nose to give me kisses.

He has short muscular little corgi legs and jumps like a rabbit - springing through the snow and flying through the air to leap on my bed.

That is adorable-- just look at those gorgeous blue eyes!  Dogs with special needs are less likely to get adopted in the U.S. on average, so kudos to Christa for taking a chance on this loveable little rescue pup.

Congratulations, Christa and Cannoli, you win a large bag of AvoDerm Natural dog food from Hank's Pet Food Market!

Enter your cutest Northern Colorado pet at the link below and next week, you could have a chance to win big, too!

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