A dog that broke free after it was involved in a car crash has been found and returned safely thanks to some really brave and good people.

According to KDVR, Maggie, the Rodesian ridgeback, was riding with one of her owners on southbound I-25 on Thursday morning when they were involved in a car accident at Yale. During the commotion, Maggie broke free from her collar and darted down the highway.

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After her owners spent all day posting fliers with her picture on them, later that evening...RELIEF.  Maggie was spotted running on the I-25 center divider where some good Samaritans put themselves in danger but managed to corral the dog and call Denver Animal Protection.

I can't imagine the feeling of losing your dog in a situation like this. Hopefully, if this ever happens to me, there are some awesome people around willing to do what THESE folks did to save that dog and make sure Maggie was safe and back with her owners.

Some of my favorite videos to watch are those of dogs being reunited with their owners after getting lost or experiencing some other incident. They never fail to get a tear out of me. Seriously, a dog's love is 100% unconditional.


YouTube/ The DoDo



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