They said it would never last...okay, we are the ones who said it would never last. 29 years ago this week, Todd and I began our careers here at K99. We never dreamed we would end up being paired together and begin what has become more than a man could ever dream of. What happens when your life exceeds your wildest dreams? We are finding out every single day thanks to you. You let us into your lives and have been polite enough to not ask us to leave. We have been through a lot together over the last three decades.

We have seen the 9/11 tragedy, floods, tornadoes, wars, elections and more and we have watched this community overcome it all. We have seen Colorado get a major league baseball team and a pro hockey team since we began. We have seen the Bud Center go up and host endless fantastic events. We have seen the internet come to life invented by Al Gore :). So much has changed in the last 29 years but the one thing that stays the same is that this is the greatest place in the world to live and work and that we have the greatest family in the world with our K99 listeners. We are honored to have been able to share our lives with you.

Brian, Todd, and Susan at the Union Colony Civic Center
Randy Owens Photography

You have been there for me when I had a heart attack and all the other ailments and I thank you for that. We are so grateful that Susan came into our lives 16 years ago and took us to another level. We have been nominated for and won many awards including 2 CMA awards and our upcoming induction into the Country Radio Hall of Fame, but the greatest award has been our friendship with you. Thank you for making our dreams come true and we look forward to spending many more years with you. The lobby will be open to drop off your gifts all week long :). Thank you for 29 fantastic years. Let year number 30 begin.

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