You may be seeing surveys circulating on Facebook lately, claiming that those who participate will be rewarded with a $50 coupon to Home Depot and Lowes, or a $75 to Bed Bath & Beyond in honor of Mother's Day. Sounds great right? Fill out a three question survey, share it to Facebook, and get free stuff. But when something sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Don't waste your time even clicking on these offers, they are all complete scams! All three companies have come forward to say that they are in no way affiliated with these coupons, and will not honor them if they are brought into stores. In reality, it's actually scammers that are attempting to steal your personal information that you provide in the survey, and then lure more people each time it gets shared. A helpful tip to avoid falling for this type of hoax, is to pay attention to the website that the survey takes you to. If it's not an official company site, it likely isn't a legitimate offer.

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