Colorado Parks and Wildlife say a deer was at the wrong place at the wrong time on Friday, November 24 as it got stuck between the snow and ice on Evergreen Lake. The rescue effort to get the deer to safety involved the use of a crane to get the deer out of the cold situation.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife Northeast Region posted photos and videos of the rescue on Twitter. The deer was essentially stuck on the rocks near a retaining wall with nowhere to go. Colorado Parks and Wildlife tweeted that a crane truck operator was in the right place at the right time and assisted Colorado Parks and Wildlife officers with the rescue.

The deer was darted to sedate the animal and then a Snuggie-like contraption was placed on the deer to lift it over the railing. After the deer was successfully lifted out of its predicament, it was relocated to a better habitat.

Hopefully (the deer) had a quiet holiday weekend.

The closing tweet said from Colorado Parks and Wildlife.

Take a look at the rescue photos and videos of the trapped deer on Evergreen Lake.

It appears to be that the deer was able to be rescued with no injuries. Just a tale to tell about being stuck between and wall and a lake.

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