Colorado has a lot of less-than-pleasant smells all over the state. But new odor rules to be put in place will have this particular city smelling less...stinky.

According to Denver7, the Denver City Council voted unanimously on Monday night on a proposal to increase regulations on businesses that produce strong odors. The city's Department of Environmental Health proposed the changes, which passed.

The changes will affect pet food manufacturing and marijuana grow facilities, rendering plants, asphalt shingle manufacturers, and sewage treatment facilities, who will be required to draw up and submit an odor control plan for approval by Denver's Environmental Health. Business owners, employees, and residents are able to file formal complaints under the new changes, and enforcement will not be triggered until 5 complaints are received within an extended time frame of 30 days (as opposed to the previous 12 hour time frame).

While these changes are supposed to help control odor, it unfortunately doesn't mean odors will be completely eliminated.

"The changes to the odor ordinance don't mean that the odors will be zero," said Gregg Thomas, head of DEH's Environmental Quality Division, in an interview with Denver7 in March. "It's that odors will be minimized to the best extent practical."

In addition, Thomas says odor control plans will vary between industries and will be based upon best practices for each industry.

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