Bumper stickers on your vehicle can be great. They show pride in things you love and enjoy, but specific bumper stickers could put you and your family at risk. This may seem like a wild assumption, but when you show off to the world certain things about yourself and your family, you can become an easy target.

Bumper stickers proclaiming your child is an honor roll student at the local middle school are a great way to show how proud you are of your child, but everyone that sees your car now knows where your child goes to school. The Richland Washington Police Department posted a photo on Facebook showing just exactly how much information you can give away to anyone that sees your car based on the bumper stickers that you choose to display.

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Bumper Stickers on Your Car That Can Make You an Easy Target

You might not realize how much information someone can get from a few bumper stickers on your car. These are just a few that can reveal information to people that could take advantage of getting information about you or even worse.

Family Stickers

We have all seen the stick figure family stickers on the back of a car. These stickers can tell any and everyone how many people there are in the house, how many pets you have, and how many children you have.

Pet Stickers

Pet stickers with your pet's name and type of breed tell people what type of dog you have, their name, and if the dog could be a threat or not.

Children's Sports Stickers

Does your child play baseball in high school? Someone can easily find out when the games are and know that you would not be home at that time as you would be at the game supporting your child.

Take a look at this infographic that was posted by the Richland Washington Police Department as it highlights most of the bumper stickers on your vehicle that would be the most prone to giving out your personal information.

Why is this important information?

Some people could use this information to take advantage of you. Either by stealing from you, your home, or worse. It's always best to err on the side of caution and not freely give out personal information to everyone that can see your vehicle. You may never know who is keeping tabs on you from a distance.

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