From abandoned mines to long-standing local landmarks, buildings, and gravesites, many pieces of Colorado's past have been carefully preserved for years to come. Even reminders of Colorado's earliest days from 140+ years ago have stood the test of time and can still be seen in many different spots around the state.

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The historic Huber-Carlson Building in Elizabeth, Colorado is one example.

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The structure at 239 S. Main Street dates back to 1890. Throughout the late 19th century, it was used for a variety of retail and wholesale enterprises.

Then, painter and sculptor George Carlson bought the legendary building in 1971 and established his living quarters upstairs and studio downstairs. During his time as owner, Carlson made a few alterations to the east storefront and side elevations.

In 1995, Elbert County secured State Register of Historic Properties status for the Huber-Carlson Building. It's one of two buildings in Elizabeth listed on the State Register of Historic Properties - the other being the old bank across the street.

Fast forward 143 years later, and the Huber Building is now home to Elizabeth Brewing Company. The microbrewery acquired the building in 2017 and has kept it hoppin' ever since.

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Upon stepping inside the old-fashioned establishment, visitors are met with a vintage vibe and feelings of nostalgia. Architectural elements, including the structure's original staircase and traditional exterior, have been kept intact, immediately transporting guests back in time.

Other parts of the iconic property were repurposed for modern-day use. The original wood flooring was removed to make the brewing area suitable for equipment and getting wet. When the downstairs flooring was demoed, the materials were reused to create the brewery's tables. Additionally, the floor joists became the bar top in the taproom upstairs.

Despite some updates over the years, the Huber-Carlson Building's original charm and character are very much still present.

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