This brew is a 'page right out of history.'

Remember when you were a kid and all you wanted to do was grow up? For some reason being a kid wasn't good enough and you wanted the "freedom" of adulthood. If I had a nickel for all of the times I dreamt of the day I could be an independent adult, I could have retired at age 21. And you know what, it's completely overrated. Wouldn't you agree? That's why we need things like this to allow us to relive our childhood in a very adult way.

Ladies and gentlemen, there is such a thing as Fruity Pebbles-infused beer.

Yep, one of your favorite television shows-turned-fruity cereal is not getting a boozy makeover. I think the Flintstones would be proud to know that there is a beer out there called Yabba Dabba Brew. From what I've found on the Internet, there is a brewery that is serving this nostalgic glass of goodness. It's Crooked Hammock Brewery and they have locations in Delaware and  South Carolina.

Not only does this sounds like a super refreshing beverage for summertime, but that color just screams warm weather. It's such a rich, almost fruit punch-looking magenta color. I wouldn't mind on of these in a frosty glass.

It's also got me thinking of other great flavors that could be infused into beer. I'd love to see a Cinnamon Toast Crunch or a Reese's Puffs stout. Or perhaps we could stick with the fruity profile and head in the direction of candy. Anyone up for a Sour Punch Kids or Mike & Ike radler?

If you could infuse any cereal or candy into a beer, what would it be?

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