Colorado's mountains, meadows, rivers, lakes, and valleys offer stunning views, but plenty of beauty also lies below Earth's surface.

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The Centennial State's underground world is best explored through spelunking/caving. This activity involves seeking out caves, grottos, and caverns to get an up-close look at these amazing, natural wonders.

Some of the Best Spots For Spelunking in Colorado

Since finding caves isn't exactly obvious, here's a guide on some of the best spots for spelunking in Colorado.

Gallery Credit: Kelsey Nistel

Careless cavers can easily cause irreparable damage to these spectacular geological sites, so it's important to respect the terrain while spelunking. Coloradans should "cave softly," and attempt to minimize their impact on these irreplaceable resources. Unfortunately, instances of blatant vandalism and graffiti have caused the closure of some Colorado caves.

Caving can also be dangerous, so take necessary safety precautions before setting out on a spelunking adventure.

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