That blue horse's actual name is 'Mustang' but everyone just calls it 'that scary blue horse.'  You can take its scariness to a new level with this game!

9News has the story on how 'BluCifer' has made it into a mobile video game! It's 'BluCifer - The Doom Horse of Denver.'  In the game, the immortal BluCifer goes around eating humans and destroying an apocalyptic Denver's landmarks with his red-laser eyes to earn enough power to open the portals to The Endless Void. It sounds like wholesome fun!

The game will have 30 Denver landmarks that you can destroy, including Coors Field and Casa Bonita. Who hasn't wanted to destroy Casa Bonita?  Do enough damage to the Mile High City and the big blue bear from the Colorado Convention Center will come to try and stop you.

According to 9News, the game will sell for $2 at your app stores- with a portion going to charity, including helping Denver teachers.

The Doom is coming Soon!

Get more on the game and on 'Mustang' from 9News HERE! 

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