Featured Restaurant: The Rio Mexican Restaurant

Locations: Multiple Including Fort Collins & Greeley

143 W. Mountain Avenue - Fort Collins, CO 80524 - View Map

825 9th Street - Greeley, CO 80631 - View Map

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Holly's Tips at The Rio

If you live in Northern Colorado and have never been to The Rio Grande in Fort Collins or Greeley I must say that you have been missing out! The Rio has the best margaritas hands down.  Choose from on the rocks, frozen (which is my personal favorite), strawberry, mango, or even a manberry which is mango and strawberry combined.  The Rio also has wonderful tex-mex that is made from scratch.  They make their food with fresh ingredients like roasted chilies, natural chicken and scratch guacamole.  While I was there I had their chicken quesadilla that is served with sour cream and quac.  Mucho, mucho, bueno!  While I was visiting with the GM Shannon she was telling me all sorts of fun facts and history.  I have been into The Rio several times and never knew the history of it, which fascinated me.  The Rio originally was opened by 3 owners, Pat (who is the sole owner now), and his childhood friends, twin brothers Andre and Stephen.  They came up with the idea when they all traveled to Mexico.  They called themselves “hippie wanderers” and would spend nights dancing to James Brown where they created the recipe for the now famous margaritas! They chose Fort Collins as a landing spot because they had a buddy who lived here and said they could crash on his floor.  What a cool story!  Hippie wanderers turned millionaires!  Since then they have opened locations in Greeley, Boulder, Denver, Park Meadows and Steamboat Springs.  I do have to be honest and tell you that I’ve been to all of them, except Boulder.  Some more fun facts she shared with me is The Rio had a remote location at this year’s New West Fest where they sold over 6,000 margs in 3 days!!!  Can you say 1 tequila, 2 tequila, 3 tequila, FLOOR!!!  Also, contraire to popular belief to the 3 limit margs, there is NO Everclear in them like some people like to say. Just a lot of tequila!  One more thing I took away is the maker of Patron is Paul Mitchell…how crazy is that!  Maybe there’s some tequila in our hairspray ladies? Haha.  Stop into The Rio during happy hour Monday thru Friday 3p-6p for $1 off margs.  They also are starting a college night on Thursdays from 9p-midnight in Fort Collins and 8p-11p in Greeley.  Can’t beat a $4 margarita and $4 ½ quesadilla on a college budget!  Visit The Rio Grande today in Fort Collins at 143 West Mountain Avenue or in Greeley at 825 9th Street.  The Rio Grande, for seriously good Mexican food and legendary margaritas!


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