Featured Bar: Bruce's Bar

Locations: Severance

123 First Street - Severance, CO 80550 - View Map

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Holly's Tips at Bruce's

Bruce’s Bar in Severance is the original home of Colorado’s world famous Rocky Mountain Oysters. Now if you live here and you don’t know what those are, go Google it…it’s not what the name sounds like. I must say when I first tried this fried “delicacy” I was a little hesitant, but, they are actually really good! I especially enjoyed the buffalo ones that Bruce's has because they aren't as rubbery. If you have never tried them, I encourage all of you to give them a try. The owner, Bruce, also showed us how to make them and we have a guide posted with pictures to lead you through the process; they are super easy to make.

Bruce’s has great daily lunch specials with menu items like prime rib sandwiches. They also have other daily specials like all you can eat oysters on Wednesdays and Fridays for $10.50 and Saturdays or Sundays for $13.95. Stop by on Friday’s to try some grilled or fried Walleye for only $10.95. Come check out the 28th Annual Nut Run coming up on Septmeber 16th. Live music starts at 11am and they will have all you can eat oysters for only $10!! Great food, great music, a great time! Check out Bruce’s for happy hour Monday through Friday from 4p – 7p for $2 drafts, $2.50 longnecks and $3.50 wells. Visit Bruce’s Bar today in Severance – 123 First Street. Bruce’s Bar is the place to go, any place else is just plain nuts!


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