Not in a good way either...

Super moon photos are all the rage over the past few days. If you went to take a photo of the moon, you will quickly realize that your smart phone will simply not capture the SUPERNESS of the super moon. It's just a white little dot. Why? Because your smart phone does not have the capability to capture photos at the zoom needed to achieve the desired effect. You need a Digital SLR camera and a telephoto lens to zoom in. No other option.


Here is the post that Denver International Airport posted of the Super Moon setting on Monday morning:

People took to Facebook to comment that the photo is a FAKE... Because the moon rises in the west.... Really? We all know that, but it seems that some of these people can't understand that the moon rises and it also sets. Where does it set? If you said in the west, congratulations... You are one smart cookie! Check out some of the comments that were left on Denver Now's and Denver International Airport's Facebook pages calling this photo a fake.


Here are the top 5 best comments calling the photo a fake, which are pure comedic gold!

"Is that a gigantic total wave the moon is coming over the Limon mountain range?" – Jacob

"Faker faker studabaker. Mtn's are on other side of circus tent." – Tamra

"Uh, the mtns are west of DIA, the moon came up in the east ......weird" – Cindy

"Uh, the moon rises in the East(which is where DIA is) , the mountains are West. Why would someone that represents the "Denver Now" page post this???" – Brittney

"FAKE garbage since when are the mountains in the east?"  -  Yanis

And here's a bonus comment:

"FAKE! The moon doesn’t rise in the west" – Justin



That's it... I'm done with the internet, I can't handle it anymore today.


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