Many of these videos have millions of views on them.

The Internet is a strange and funny place, isn't it? You can find just about anything on the web. Some things you want to find, while others you might have wished you had never seen.

Recently, I thought it would be interesting to see what kind of videos pop up if I just do a simple search of "Fort Collins, Colorado."

To be frank, I expected to see plenty of videos about beautiful homes, Colorado State University, and other major events that we have held in and around our area. While those videos do exist, they aren't the most viewed videos. That's what I was most interested in.

When I filtered the videos down to those with the highest "view count", there seemed to be less Fort Collins-specific videos and more about Northern Colorado as a whole. I don't hate it and I'll admit that the diversity in these videos is strong.

So, here are the Top 10 Most Viewed Videos When Searching 'Fort Collins, Colorado' on YouTube. Let's start with number 10.

#10 Fort Collins: A Distinctive Destination (122,000 Views)

#9 Tesla Model Y Road Trip! Colorado to North Carolina - Taking it Easy (154,000 Views)

#8 The 10 Best Places to Live in Colorado - Retire, Job, Family & Education (180,000 Views)

#7 Buying our First House Without Seeing It (189,000 Views)

#6 Seek Adventure and a New Home in This Colorado City (423,000 Views)

#5 The Oh Hellos - Official Fort Collins Recap (472,000 Views)

#4 Hard Rain, Bob Dylan Rolling Thunder Revue Fort Collins, CO 1976 (771,000 Views)

#3 Fatal Crash of Beechcraft B60 "Duke" Near Northern Colorado Regional Airport (1 Million Views)

#2 High Winds Blow Amazon Deliver Truck Off Road in Colorado (2.5 Million Views)

#1 Hopsin - Fort Collins ft. Dizzy Wright (Official Video) (6.5 Millions Views)

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