Look, I'm all about evolving and technology but sometimes you can get to tricky and cute for your own good and in this case the good of others' and while I hope I'm wrong, this just looks like a big disaster from the get go.

I say this because I see how many people react to basic roundabouts and now there's going to something that not just looks confusing but sounds confusing.

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The Divergent Diamond is now officially open for use in Weld County  Highway 60 to access I-25. According to CDOT, drivers proceed through a traffic signal upon entering the interchange and follow their lane to the opposite side of the roadway,

Sounds pretty simple but think about how simple the roundabout concept is and now throw this into the mix, I just have a feeling this is going to end up being a giant cluster,



I'm no expert on traffic flow, patterns and the best way to do this kind of stuff but I've seen the confusion on simple roundabouts so I'm just going to avoid this area at all costs but according to I-25 Express Lanes Project Director Abra Geissler, this is going to help traffic flow and be a positive thing:


"Diverging Diamond Interchanges are newer to interchange design and construction, but they provide significant safety and traffic flow benefits to areas with heavy directional traffic volumes, like the CO 60 and I-25 interchange,"



As bad of a feeling as I have for this thing, let's give it the benefit of the doubt and trust the experts. Here's a YouTube tutorial that better explains the concept of this Diverging Diamond thing we now have in Weld County to access I-25 from County Rd 60.



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