I am a Greeley guy and darn proud of it. I love my city of Greeley and have for the 30 years I have lived there. We have great people living there and although it has grown immensely it has kept it's home town feel and appeal.

There is much to do in Greeley, aside from just the Greeley Stampede, which is always a blast. We have a revitalized downtown area and the outskirts keep adding more and more new business and growth but let's get down to the important topic...food.

There are a lot of great places to eat in Greeley and here are the five that my family and I eat at most often. There are many more killer places to chow down but we have eaten at these five more frequently than any.

Fonta's Pizza - This is by far the best pizza I have had in the area. It is always delicious and reminds me of my favorite pizza joint from my hometown in North Dakota. Love me some Fonta's

Hunan Chinese Restaurant - This happens to be right near my home so it is very handy and the food is consistently wonderful. We eat here about twice a month. Love the sesame chicken.

Fat Albert's - This is Greeley gem. I love Sue and her team at Fat A's. The food is flat out amazing with a great menu. The Monte Cristo is the best I have ever ever had and you must save room for the pie!

Alberto's - They are the gold standard for Mexican food for me. I have loved this place since I first bit into one those incredible breakfast burritos decades ago and have been coming back ever since.

Texas Roadhouse - This is the only chain restaurant you will find on my list. The one in Greeley has always been top notch to me. I have always had great service and the food is consistently delicious. There is no better place to eat ribs in my mind. The Greeley Texas Roadhouse is one of the best.

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