Every once in a while I watch a video on YouTube that really affects me, down to the core. I love James Corden's Carpool Karaoke. He really outdid himself with his most recent installment. James has been doing the Late Late Show from London and was able to get legendary Beatles founder, Sir Paul McCartney, to get in a car with him and take a tour around Liverpool, England. They even visited Penny Lane and Paul's childhood home.

This video brought me to tears. I'm not kidding. It was very touching. James cried several times in the video and I cried several times watching it. James tells Paul, "If my Granddad could be here right now" and Paul replied, "He is", and I lost it. It was a beautiful moment. Probably the best moment I have seen on TV all year long. The climax of the video is the duo visiting a pub in Liverpool and singing "Hey Jude" with all of the patrons. It was another moment that got me all misty again.

Here is the YouTube video with Paul McCartney:


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