As hard as it is to admit, there will be a new host of Jeopardy one day.

The popular game show Jeopardy has been around from like a gazillion years. Ok, so maybe it's been around since 1964, but still that's a long, long time. Alex Trebek has been the host since it's revival in 1984 and has been loved by just about every single viewer.

Last year, we found out that Trebek had been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. However, despite the diagnosis, there was always going to be a time when Trebek would have to step down. In fact, he already knows what he will say to his audience when that time comes.

So, as bitter as it may be, I'd like to make an argument for a new host... Ken Jennings.

1. He's the GOAT

Jennings just won 'Jeopardy! The Greatest of All Time." He defeated other greats on the show like James Holzhauer and Brad Rutter. Aside from winning a trophy and $1 million, I think he won himself a stellar argument to be the next host.

2. We know him

Earning a spot on the GOAT episode came with a lot of hard work. Jennings won the most regular season games in a row back in 2004 with 74 straight appearances. That's a lot of nights we tuned in to see Jennings' face on our televisions.

3. He's an expert on the game

Being on the show that many times in a row comes with its advantages. You've got a front row seat to all of the ins and outs of how it's run, plus seeing it over and over again makes you an expert. Not to mention, I'm sure he's seen just about every possible game scenario play out in front of him

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