First off, let's celebrate the occasion that is National Donut Day today (Friday June 4). I mean, I don't need a special day for me to go for a yummy donut (or 3) but how can you NOT on National Donut Day?

Since moving here almost 9 months ago, I've found a couple of spots that I'm pretty fond of but was curious to know THE best of the the best, so I picked some of my co-workers brains and posed this question of the day for listeners..."Where is the best place to get donuts (or doughnuts) in NoCo?

And then, of course, that leads me to the next the heck do you spell it??

Donut or Doughnut? Well, according to Merriam-Webster, both spellings are correct and honestly, I use both spellings depending on what I feel like typing that day. It seems as if both ways are correct, but I feel like I lean more towards doughnut most of the time. I used 'donut' for this particular article because I didn't have enough space in the title area for the extra words.


Ok...we can debate the correct spelling of the word all day, but let's get to the REAL sweet part of this conversation...the best DONUTS in NoCo. Once again, this is based on my own humble opinions from the few places that I have personally tried and through conversations with co-workers and friends. These are in no particular order or ranking.

1. Peace, Love and Little Donuts

Let's start small...but ONLY in the way they look because they pack an incredible yummy punch regardless of size and with ALL of the different flavors and toppings you can put on there, I feel like there are about a million different flavors and combos you can go with.

WARNING: Since they're small in size, I'm always like, "I can have a few of these and not feel bad", but before you know're 15 deep and in a sugar coma (It happens to me EVERY time because they're just so damn good...and addicting).




2. LaMar's Coffee and Donuts

Ok...I actually have NOT tried this place but it may be tops on my to-do list, and ONE of the places I hit up on National Donut Day. Check out these pics...aren't they things of beauty and deliciousness?!?!


3. Mr. Yo's Donuts I've been here on several occasions for a couple of reasons...first off, their donuts are amazing, and secondly...they're literally 5 minutes down the way from the radio station on Main Street in Windsor. As you can see by the pic, the selection is not only pretty, but delicious. I'm pretty sure I've tried all of the ones pictured at some point over the past 9 months.

Facebook/ Mr. Yo's Donuts
Facebook/ Mr. Yo's Donuts



4. Fort Collins Donut Co. Here's one that a listener called in to tell us about so I checked out their Facebook page, and not only do the donuts look and sound incredibly awesome, they're doing some awesome things for animals which makes me even happier than eating donuts...and THAT'S saying something. 







5. Donut Haus Loveland: Another suggestion coming in from one of our listeners. Katie in Loveland swears by the Donut Haus and after watching this video, I am more than ready to devour some of this goodness, and I'm sure you will too after watching this...



6. Winchell's Greeley

Maxx was kind enough to bring a "doze", which at Winchell's in Greeley is actually 14, and that's MY kinda bad math. I've never tried these, but that's about to change because I'm about to devour a bunch of these.

AJ Battalio/TSM
AJ Battalio/TSM

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