From the day I was born I have been in love with music. I spent every penny I ever had as a kid on baseball cards and records. I would spend hours in my bedroom cranking my stereo, holding a hair brush and being a 'mirror star' in my room. I wanted to be those singers that I admired so badly. Now I am a grown man and still feel the same way about music and still pretend to be a star every day. I started to think about who really are my all time favorite singers. I spent a lot of time thinking about this and came up with my list of my top 10 favorite country singers of all time. This is my personal opinion and I encourage you to try to make your own isn't easy. Here are my top ten.

10 - Gary Allan - Gary has always been the epitome of cool to me. I have loved his sound since the first time I heard him and can honestly say I love every single song he has ever put out.

9 - Dwight Yoakam - Few people just ooze coolness like Dwight does. His Bakersfield sound just lit me up the first time I heard him and he continues to make killer music to this day.

8 - Tim McGraw - Tim is one of those artists who somehow gets even better with time. Tim was great when he started in the early 90's but is putting out the best music of his career now, 20 some years later.

7 - Garth Brooks - To this day Garth is still the kindest human I have met in this business. No one has been more instrumental in making country music as big as it is today than Garth. I am so thrilled he is back and making memorable music once again. There is no one like Garth.

6 - Merle Haggard - The history of country music cannot be written without the Hag. He has influenced every artist who makes a living in our format.

5 - Keith Whitley - One of the biggest tragedies of all time was losing Keith so young in life. He was about to be the biggest thing country music had ever seen when he died but it's amazing the influence he had in such a short period of time. We can only imagine how huge Keith would've been.

4 - Johnny Cash - You cannot make a list like this without including the man in black. Johnny Cash was in icon that was respected by artists in every genre of music. His music will live on forever.

3 - Waylon Jennings - This is the man who made me fall in love with country music. Waylon was THE outlaw. His voice and presence were amazing. I love a rebel and Waylon was a true rebel and my first musical hero aside from Elvis.

2 - Chris LeDoux - Look up 'Class' or 'Gentleman' in the dictionary and you will find a picture of Chris LeDoux. This was a real cowboy and was what God intended a man to be. There is not a single person who came in contact with Chris that did not leave having the utmost respect for him. He made great music and was a great role model.

1. George Strait - There have been a lot of great and influential artists but there is only one KING. King George Strait is the gold standard. This is a no brainer for me...George Strait is the greatest of all time.

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