Well we made it. It is the 30th anniversary of The Good Morning Guys on K99. I can't even wrap my brain around that. Todd and I began here back in 1988. That was before cell phones, internet, Garth Brooks, iTunes and $5 cups of coffee. We have been on the air during six different presidents terms. We, along with you, have shared so much together over the years. We have cried, laughed and cheered our success and trials together. I thank you for all you have done for me.

This all began back in 1988 when I wandered in this building looking for a job on KUAD. The mighty KUAD99 The Power Station! We were a top 40 station owned by local man Phil Brewer. Later it was sold to Brill Media and we briefly became All Hit K99 the Fresh FM. That was a really stupid name it only lasted a couple of months before we became K99 Colorado's Country Favorites. That was the best move ever. Northern Colorado did not have it's own country FM station and we were proud to be the ones who brought it. We timed it perfectly because in the next year Garth, Alan Jackson and Clint Black would explode on the scene and take country to levels of popularity it had never seen before. We timed that just right. We were eventually sold to Regent Broadcasting and then Townsquare Media.

It has been a privilege beyond words to live in and serve this community for the past 30 years. I am so proud of what we have done here at this radio station. We have been nominated countless times for ACM and CMA radio station of the year and the Good Morning Guys have brought home a couple of those CMA awards as well as making it all the way to the Country Radio Hall of Fame. We are the first trio to ever be inducted. This is more that you can dream. Creating the 28 Hours of Hope and knowing how many lives it has touched, helped and changed is probably the greatest thing I have done with my career and am most proud of. Thank you for caring about and supporting causes I believe in.

I could start listing and naming all the important people who have made this career what it is but there are really a few that need to be pointed out. I need to thank the singers and songwriters for making this amazing music that you love and allows us a way into your home and your lives. If it weren't for the wonderful gifts these artists share I would have nothing to offer you to let me in your door. I need to thank Todd for being my partner and friend for 30 years. We have a bond that cannot be explained. I thank that wonderful Susan Moore for coming into our lives 17 years ago and taking us to another level. It was when she arrived that we really took off. I want to thank my family for being so loving, supportive and understanding. They have let me go off and chase this career and waited in the wings cheering me on. They have sat back and watched me give all I have to try to entertain and do what good I can for the world while they get what is left when I get home. I am so lucky to have them and blessed that they have stuck with me through this. Most importantly I need to thank YOU. You have been so kind to me. You have let me in your homes, cars, backyards and made us part of your family. You have never failed me and always supported me. Even if this were to end today, I would be filled. This has been so much fun and I have lived a life that has exceeded any dream you could have. Thank you for these 30 years. I love and appreciate you so much.


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