Waterloo Revival is one of our favorite acts, and we're excited to welcome them back to Northern Colorado for Taste of Fort Collins 2017. While they probably wish we'd stop re-sharing the 'Poudre' story, we like any excuse to bring it up again. ;) 

Jenny Harding for TSM
Jenny Harding for TSM

I first met George and Cody while wearing a blonde wig at our Boos and Brews Halloween party back in 2015 (before they became backwood-bumpin' big shots on Toby Keith's record label). Since it was a party, after all, they joined me in a game of 'Bands Spin the Bottle With Shelby,' which got pretty fun pretty quickly.

Now they know what the Poudre is, and have even been back in town since then.

You catch them on Saturday, June 10 at this summer's Taste of Fort Collins in downtown Fort Collins. Get your tickets here!

Waterloo Revival -- Backwood Bump

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