Flobots, the band widely known for the song 'Handlebars,' will be at Greeley's Union Colorado Civic Center Halloween weekend. 

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The Denver-based group launched over 15 years ago, and 'Handlebars' got them signed to a major record label and was heard over the airwaves across the country. The eight-piece hip hop band comprised of (mostly) childhood friends followed the 'I can ride my bike' song with 'Rise' and 'White Flag Warrior,' which features Tim McIlrath of Rise Against.

Flobots - White Flag Warrior ft. Tim McIlrath (2010)

'Their performances entertain and activate audiences through songs and lyrics discussing race, equality, democracy, and social justice,' Union Colony Civic Center said in its announcement.

In 2021, the band released three new tracks, 'Roshini,' which means light in Hindi, 'Me & You (Happy 2gether),' a remix of the song by the Turtles and 'When It All Falls.' You can hear them here.

Flobots - Handlebars (2008)

Flobots will be at Union Colony Civic Center in Greeley on Saturday, October 30. Tickets are available here.

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