Taco Bell lovers, rejoice.

They say don't fix things that aren't broken - but when it comes to Taco Bell - the restaurant chain certainly knows a thing or two about fixing things that, in fact, never needed any fixing.

Exhibit A: 

After nearly two years, however, it's looking like Taco Bell is finally ready to redeem itself - in the form of permanently bringing back one of the chain's most beloved menu items.

How It Started

One day back in 2020, right in the midst of the world's total breakdown (I'm talking about the COVID-19 pandemic) Taco Bell decided to commit a very heinous crime against its loyal fans.

For whatever reason, the ultra-popular Mexican fast-food chain chose to do away with, arguably, the restaurant's most popular menu item - the Mexican Pizza.

It's safe to say that fans of the beloved delicacy were, as you can imagine, devastated. 

What exactly is Taco Bell's Mexican Pizza?

Taco Bell's incredible, delectable, famous Mexican Pizza starts off as a flat tortilla that's covered in pizza sauce and beans (and/or ground beef, depending on your preference).

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Then, another layer of tortilla is pressed on top before it is smothered in even more pizza sauce and a combo of a blend of cheeses and chopped tomatoes.

And people. are. obsessed. 

Taco Bell Teases The World With The Return Of Mexican Pizza

As if getting rid of Mexican Pizza once wasn't painful enough, Taco Bell decided to tease the world and bring the raved-about menu item back in 2021, but only for a brief period of time.

After getting rid of the Mexican Pizza for the first time in 2020, the fast-food chain was forced to pull the menu item once again after saying it had "underestimated" the popularity of the menu item and needed to restock on ingredients.

"Turns out we underestimated how many of you love Mexican Pizza. 7x more than we expected, to be exact," the company tweeted in late May.

"We are working as fast as we can to restock Mexican Pizza ingredients. We’ll need some time to replenish our supplies, but when it comes back, we promise it’s here to stay."

And well... the time has finally come.

Taco Bell's Mexican Pizza Is Returning - For Good

On Tuesday (Aug. 2), Taco Bell took to socials to make an announcement that was bound to shake the world up (for the better, this time around) -

Taco Bell's Mexican Pizza will finally be back on menus nationwide on Thursday, September 15 - and, as you can imagine, people are freaking out (for all the right reasons this time).

Taco Bell Locations In Northern Colorado

Northern Colorado loves Taco Bell - so much so, that we've got over a dozen locations in our area.

Can't wait to get your hands on a good ole Mexican Pizza (or perhaps, one of Taco Bell's other delicacies?

When those cravings hit - and once Sept. 15 rolls around - you knooooow where you're going to want to be - read on to find the closest Taco Bell to you:

Loveland Locations: 

  • 1330 Lincoln Ave.
  • 1650 Foxtrail Dr. 
  • 115 65th St.

Greeley Locations: 

  • 3503 W. 10th St. 
  • 2450 8th Ave. 
  • 4638 Centerplace Dr. 
  • 6910 10th St. 

Fort Collins Locations: 

  • 1527 W. Elizabeth St. 
  • 1101 Central Avenue Mall 
  • 1530 S College Ave. 
  • 1227 E. Magnolia St. 
  • 4100 S College Ave. 

Windsor Locations: 

  • 101 12th St. 
  • 6465 Crossroads Blvd. 

Johnstown Locations: 

  • 50 Telep Ave. 

Timnath Locations: 

  • 4645 Weitzel St. 

Wellington Locations:

  • 8050 6th St. 

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