Northern Colorado candy connoisseurs could land a sweet deal and make their own candy at one bright yellow building located in Loveland on U.S. Highway 34. Sunny Jim's Country Candies is currently for sale for $647,000 according to BizWest.

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The property for sale listed by River Rock Real Estate includes the candy store, garage, and mobile home located in the back of the property.

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The store has been in operation for over five decades and the current owner, Ida Suppes, and her family have been operating the ever-popular Sunny Jim's Country Candies confections to both local residents and tourists heading to and from Estes Park for 33 years. Ida told BizWest is nearing the age of 75, that it is time for retirement.

Ida Suppes had a buyer for Sunny Jim's Country Candies, but the deal fell through a few days ago when some of the investors pulled out. Ida states that she wants to sell to someone who wants to make candy. Telling BizWest "I'll even show them how to do it".

We all hope to see that all too familiar yellow building in the future when we are taking a day trip to Rocky Mountain National Park for many years to come. But that yellow building that makes sweet candies could disappear if a buyer that doesn't want to carry on the tradition isn't found.

Some of the most popular candies that Sunny Jim's features are the Rocky Mountain Frogs made with pecans, covered in chocolate and caramel. Plus one of the all-time customer favorites, the Cinnamon Chews.

Take a look at the listing HERE. Who knows, you may know someone that would love to own a candy store.

Source BizWest

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