Thanks to my friend Ann I came across this great piece on swearing. It states that researchers have found that swearing could be the answer to a happier life, essentially anyway.

Swearing Could Make for a Happier Life TSM
Swearing Could Make for a Happier Life TSM

Leave it to the British, researches had subjects say dirty words that they already knew then they had them play violent video games. After playing the games the test subjects spit out more dirty words than before playing. The video games seemed to stir up more emotional aggression making swearing easier and more natural. The scientists say that we have been raised with emotions or that swearing is instilled in us from an early age to express what we're feeling. In other words it's like a release, a big sigh and for some anyway that makes them happier.

Researchers also found that swearing can lessen pain. Those who swore through the pain lasted, on average 40 seconds longer than other test subjects.

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