I'm sorry, but have these people never heard of Christmas?

If you're like me, you love a good holiday. It's a chance to forego the stresses of life and have some fun. Plus, it's exciting to know that most of the people around you are also celebrating. There are so many holidays that I love, but I really enjoy Christmas. There's an entire season involved, everyone is holly and jolly, and your entire home gets transformed into a winter wonderland.

So much better than Valentine's Day... right?

Well, not so fast. A recent study done by OnePoll says that most people get more excited about the day of love than any other holiday, including Christmas. In fact, 81 percent are more pumped about Cupid's big day as compared to just 68 percent in favor of jolly Saint Nick's. Some even take Valentine's Day so seriously that they take the day off from work.

Can I just point out for a second that this poll was most likely conducted right after the holidays? You know, that time of year when everyone is exhausted and broke. With that in mind, I myself am looking forward to Valentine's Day, but it's certainly not the same feeling that I get once December rolls around.

What about you?

That same survey also found the top Valentine's Day gifts (please note number five on the list):

1. Fuzzy slippers
2. Cat-lady gnome
3. Fuzzy sweater
4. Bedding
5. Diapers
6. Personalized jewelry
7. Kitchen staples
8. Stuffed animal
9. Warm socks
10. Punny card

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