This pandemic is all about comfort eating, comfort buying and comfort watching.

Since no one drew up a pandemic handbook we've all just been trying to figure it out. In the midst of stress and anxiety, we've found comfort in many things like family, friends, and our favorite things. Those favorite things include food, anything we find on Amazon, and entertainment.

How many shows have you binged in the last few months?

My husband and I have found several to watch together and we've also taken in our fair share of movies too. It's just so easy to get lost in a good storyline whether it be comedy, romance, action or even horror. With that being said, there are some shows that have proven to be more popular than others, particularly in our state.

For Colorado it's Rick and Morty.

That's according to a survey conducted by that determined the most-most watched pandemic shows for each state. In addition to the survey, CableTV looked at Google trends in each region. From there, they were able to determine which shows were the most watched and streamed.

Although Tiger King was a big hit at the start of the pandemic, it did not rise to the top for any state. The most-watched show across the board is Friends, which seems to me as a show that satisfies that nostalgia sweet tooth while also giving us plenty of LOL and aww moments. Other popular shows included The Office, The Walking Dead, Law & Order SVU and Star Trek.

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