Summer is upon us, and of course, so is swimming season. This means not only do we get to show off our hard-earned beach bodies, but also our kickass pool floaties.

I've scoured for the coolest pool floats, which surprisingly aren't meant JUST for high profile celebrities like Taylor Swift. Of course, some neighborhood (and probably) public pools have rules as to what you can bring into the pool, I'm sure. However, if you have your own pool in the backyard...go for it!

I've shared 10 floaties you need in your Northern Colorado pool below in the photo gallery. If you'd like to get one of them for yourself, see the links beneath the gallery.

Pool floats shown can be found by Amazon users Kangaroo, Swim Central, BigMouth Inc, Marljohns, SoloFleet, Swimline, SunnyLIFE, and JULI Eyewear.

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