Sounds like owning a pet is good for your health!

Now this is research I can get behind. If this was around a few years ago, I think I would have gotten a dog much sooner. See, I had to convince my husband to get a dog. He just didn't want the extra responsibility, which is totally understandable. Obviously, I was able to win him over eventually and we ended up with that little nugget pictured above, Ollie.

I've always known that he was a stress reliever!

Now there is science to back it up. A recent study has revealed that spending time with your dog or cat will lower your stress levels. And, you only need 10 minutes with them to experience the benefits!

Pets can reduce stress hormones which will can have a significant on our overall physical and mental health. In addition, dogs and cats can incite more positive emotions in people. Yes, I said cats can too... well, only if they let you love them and spend time in their presence.

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