Three students were arrested Tuesday for hacking into their high school's computer system to alter grades and schedules for 300 students, similar to what Ferris Bueller did on his 'Day Off.'

Daniel Soares, 17, is accused of going into Commack High School after hours on May 26 and again in June, and connecting a "key log" to the keyboard of a classroom computer, which records keystrokes. With that information, the teen was able to retrieve every log-in name and password entered through that keyboard.

Soares upped his grades in physics, economics, and history, and also allegedly changed the grades of his friend Eric Vaysman, 17, and changed schedules of hundreds of students.

Soares was charged with burglary and computer tampering. Vaysman and 17-year-old classmate Alex Mosquera were both charged with computer trespass.

Other classmates speculate Soares must have been scared about college or hacked the school's computer system "to be cool." One student even says the 3 teens "are not troublemakers."

The scheme is similar to a famous scene in the 1987 movie Ferris Bueller's Day Off, where Ferris (Matthew Broderick) hacks into his school's computer system to change his grades. Watch the scene below.


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