If you have been to Downtown Loveland, you have no doubt seen the statue in front of the historic Rialto Theater (228 East 4th Street). It's a film-maker using an old-fashioned movie camera. The statue is called "Persistence of Vision". It was created by Pat Kennedy in 2010. The nameplate reads:

In memory of Phyllis Walbye, whose childhood love of films grew into a career as Arts Editor of Loveland Reporter-Herald. Her writing celebrated and championed the arts for over three decades. Donated by her family, George, Kay, Terry & Ted Walbye.

Phyllis Walbye Film Series

In 2001, the Rialto Theater Center and Phyllis joined forces in an effort to bring under-recognized films to Loveland. Phyllis Walbye passed away at age 77 on November 17, 2008, but the film series has continued on in honor of her with special screenings of award-winning and critically-acclaimed films. The next film in the series is "Won't  You Be My Neighbor". It's an An exploration of the life, lessons, and legacy of iconic children’s television host, Fred Rogers.

This is the nameplate you will see on the south side of the sculpture.


So now you know the story or at least as much as I know. My wife and I visited the Rialto last week and got a few shots of the sculpture.

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