A country artist who is known across the nation as someone whose street team uses aggressive tactics to promote him has been spotted in Texas and if you see them in Colorado...STAY AWAY.

According to our sister station in Temple, Texas, the "country rap" artist known as Mikel Knight has recently been seen in that city and their listeners have been told to "head the other way" if they see Knight or his street team members.

With country artists riding in tour buses and being able to make their way across the country in a short period of time, you have to wonder if this so-called artist will be making his way to Colorado since we aren't that far from Texas.

Need to see what Knight's music (if that's what you want to call it) is all about? Here is his song, "We Don't Give a Truck".

So why are listeners being told to turn the other way when he is in your very own backyard? According to the Saving Country Music website, Knight and his team members are no strangers to violence along with promotion tactics that are some of the most aggressive anyone has seen.

And Knight is far from being a choir boy himself, as he has had 20 court cases put against him since 2006. The cases against him have ranged from everything you can think of...vandalism, harassment, assault, theft, and more.

Need to see what his bus looks like so you can keep an eye out for it?

Still need more evidence of why you need to stay away from the team of Mikel Knight? This video should give you even more reasons to turn around and run.

Many people say it's a good idea to contact police if you feel like you need to after encountering Knight (or maybe we should call him by his real name of Jason Cross or Jason Michael Cross) or anyone on his street team.

And if you need more evidence of what Mikel Knight and his team are all about, we invite you to check out this Facebook page to find out more.

We all know there are many artists out there trying to get their big break in Nashville, and 99% of them do it the right way. Looks like Mikel Knight and his street team belong to that 1%, so make sure you don't give them the promotion that they don't deserve.


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