Texas has ditched the masks and is pretty much opening up the state.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott has stated that Texas is now 100% open, and it also seems as if they've opened up the vaccines to out-of-state people as well.

According to Fox 31, Coloradans are flocking to the Lone Star State to get vaccinated. The City of Amarillo (which is about a 6.5-hour drive from Denver) has said it will not turn people away due to out-of-state residency. Another benefit that the good folks of Amarillo are providing is that no appointments are necessary and doses are on a first come, first served basis.

According to the Amarillo Health Department, anyone over 65 or any adult with preexisting conditions will qualify for the vaccine in Texas, and they're using the honor system when doling shots out.

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This sounds like it could quickly turn into a complete cluster, but so far, things seem to be running smoothly. One of the Amarillo's nurses stated that she vaccinated 25 people in one day just from Santa Fe, New Mexico, which is about a 4-hour drive from the city. She also said they've been getting people from Dallas and Denver, which are 5 and 6.5 hours away, respectively.

Hopefully this whole opening-up-the-state goes well and is a prelude of things to come for us... My fingers and toes are crossed.

Also, if you're thinking about heading down south to get vaccinated, even though no appointments are necessary, it would probably be a good idea to double check with the facility before you go.

It's a LONG drive to have something come up and not be able to get the vaccine.

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